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Business Registration Page

Business registration is voluntary and not necessary to win or be involved with Best of Omaha™. When the public votes, the answer fields are blank and voters may type any company they choose. We do not limit how or for whom a voter wants to vote. 

  • Business registration is seperate and unique from voter registration.
  • We recommend you pick one key person at your company to be your Campaign Manager.
  • Only one category may be tied to your Business Registration.
  • We do not recomend more than one business registration. Please call Joshua Peterson, 402-884-2020, for an explanation.

If you registered your business in the past three years, your registration is still in the system. If you had a Quick Vote Code number (QVC) in the past two years, this number remains the same.

Every year we modify the categories available. We highly recommend you log into your business registration page every year to make sure the correct category is associated with your QVC number. If you forgot your login password, use the "forgot password" option to reset your registration password.

Some categories require First Name, Last Name, and Company. For example Best Chef. If you are choosing a category which asks the public to fill in First Name, Last Name, and Company, the system will ask you to fill in "Ballot First Name" and "Ballot Last Name." The public will see Ballot First Name, Ballot Last Name and your Company Name fill in automatically when they use your QVC number. Please call Joshua Peterson 402-884-2020. with any questions.

Please consider offering a discount to Best of Omaha voters who show their "Proof of Voting Certificate." Keep your discount offer short and simple. For example: "Bring in your Proof of Voting Certificate and receive a free appetizer." All discount offers must be available to all voters regardless who they voted for, even if they didn't vote for you. You want people who didn't vote for you to come try out your services and a discount offer is a good way to do so. 

Voting is simple.

  1. You just registered, onward to Step 2.

  2. Check your email and click the link.

  3. Vote for a minimum of 5 categories.

  4. Click the "I'm Done Voting" button.

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Thank you for registering!
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  • Voting runs between July 1 and August 20, 2020.

  • Participants must vote for a minimum of 5 categories.

Key Points:

  • The voting system works best on a desktop, laptop, or tablet but will also work on a smartphone.

  • If you don't receive your voting link email, check your spam folderand look for an email from bestofomaha@govotemail.com

  • Only one vote per email, but you may return as often as you like to add to, or modify, your ballot.

  • Results will be announced in our annual Best of Omaha results issue in mid-November 2020.

  • After you finish voting, please download your Proof of Voting Certificate to show to participating businesses for discounts. Discounts are available to all voters, regardless of how they voted or whom they selected.

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